Shopping Tips for Women’s Hiking Boots

download (3)Many people are looking at ways to get fit and walking is an ideal way to do this. It does not need expensive equipment and there is no need to train or practice. With so much beautiful countryside to look at it can be combined with a great day out. There is however one thing that is needed and that is a decent pair of shoes. No female should go hiking without a decent pair of women’s hiking boots.

Unlike when buying shoes for work or socialising, it is important to take into account what type of hiking you will be doing. This will cover areas such as what type of terrain will you be walking over, what time of the year will you be doing this and also how many hours at a time are you expecting to be wearing the boots. Getting a blister in work can be uncomfortable but getting one miles away from anywhere is much more serious.

The boots can protect your feet in a number of ways. If they fit properly, blisters should

Tips on Buying a Family Tent

camping-with-kids-lake-alpine-sierra-nevada-family-night-out-0514How to choose the right tent for your family

Choosing the right tent can be daunting as this is the most vital piece of equipment you will take with you on your family camping trip. This will be your home away from civilization and you’ll want to make sure you have the right one for your family before pulling out of the driveway! Keep reading to learn great family camping tips and tricks for purchasing that all important family tent.

The most critical decision factors in choosing the right tent are size, cost and materials. Let’s look at each in turn.

So you’ve decided to take a camping trip! How many people are you planning to bring with you? Count them up! This is the most important decision making factor in choosing the size of your tent. Make sure to consider how much luggage will need to reside inside the tent, any additional items you’ll bring to sleep on such as cots or mattresses and don’t forget about a space for Fido if you’re bringing him along.

Hiking and Camping Tips

093761e2065f2e2b08ba66e161d00376Summer is the time when most of us love being outdoors. When outdoors, hiking or camping are two fun activities that make you appreciate nature and are best-suited for summer. You are close to nature; where you fall asleep under the dim moonlight and wake up to the sound of birds chirping. You can go hiking in the mountains and camp out on a flat hilltop, or in the woods by the riverside. But first, you need to take a few precautions.

Once you decide on the location and the day you wish to start off on your hike, you should move on to making a list of things that you should carry along, things that you can do without, and things that should be completely avoided on a hiking-cum-camping trip.

The first and foremost priority must be given to your footwear. Appropriate and comfortable boots are essential to make your hiking trip a success. Depending on the location, you could choose between lightweight, medium, or heavy weight boots. Along with the boots, pack few pairs of hiking socks to avoid blisters.


Tips to Picking Out the Right Tent For Your Camping Trip

Camping with our family is something that we have enjoyed for years. It has grown from just my wife and myself, to now include our children, their spouses, grandchildren and others. Our last trip to the wilderness was with a party of 18, including three children under the age of two. Before you go, make sure you have the right equipment, or your adventure will be less enjoyable!

First up, selecting your tent. Ask yourself some basic questions: 1) What type of camping will you be doing? In our case, we pitched the tents and they remained on a rented lot for an entire week. So the weight of the tent was not an issue. It only had to be carried from the van a few feet to where we pitched it. For the largest, a communal tent, we got one with wheels on it just in case. Had we been backpacking instead, or had an extended hike to the site, the weight of the tent would have been an issue.

2) What time of year will you be camping? As we live in a state with four very distinct season, we have a “general” tent

Tips of Making Up Your Camping Gear

You are going camping! That is exciting. But with all of the things you need to bring, you are all confused and your idea of fun is slowly draining. How the hell are you going to start gathering up your camping gear. You personally need to ensure that you have all the basic camping gear in the right place before you start camping. Here are sure ways to help you round up your stuff to compose the best of your camping gear.

1)You may need extra camping gear more than you will ever know if you plan on camping for extended periods or if you are planning to camp outside of the cabin. Hence, you must plan your camping. If you are staying out in the wilderness instead of staying in a hikers’ cabin, then you have to carry a suitable tent, comfortable sleeping bags, or mosquito repellers. If you planning on staying longer, then there is a need for lighting batteries, more food supplies, or cooking equipments. It all depends on what you are planning to do on your trip. Have a list of activities to do alongside with the materials needed. Do not forget necessary

Great Tips For Camping

So you and your family and friends decided on a camping trip. You have wanted to plan a camping trip for years but never was able to until now. You are planning to hike deep into the woods and reside next to that beautiful lake. But now that you think of it you don’t know much about camping and now you need a few tips for camping.

When you are camping with your family and friends make sure you pack enough clothing to last you during your camping trip. If you have kids, make sure you pack them extra clothes because kids tend to get dirty and wet. Normally on camping trips out in the woods you don’t have a washing machine with you so bring a special cloth bag to put your dirty laundry in and make sure you wash them as soon as you get home.

When going camping make sure you plan out your food and bring enough food for the kids to snack on because kids really like to have snacks, especially if they will be swimming. Kids tend to get hungry right after swimming. Also, make sure you pack plenty of

Simple Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Camping in hot weather is not only very uncomfortable, but also very risky to one’s health. If you plan to go camping and the weather seems to be uncontrollably hot, you have to be extremely considerate towards many important aspects that can save your experience and make it more memorable. Check out these simple tips for camping in hot weather.

1. Make Shade Your Number One Priority
When the weather is hot, shade should definitely be your number one priority. Setting up your tent near some big trees is ideal. But, if your camping site does not have many trees, you should always consider bringing some umbrellas with you, or hanging a large cloth/tarp above your tents. Once the sun will not be directly beating on them, the tents will remain significantly cooler, which will make you feel more comfortable than you’d normally feel in these conditions.

2. Keep the Air Circulating
Beyond shadow, you need air – lots of air when it comes to hot weather. Bring along a battery-powered fan for each tent, so you can make sure that the air will be cool enough for you to breathe normally and avoid nausea, headaches,

Tips on Buying Camping Needs

Being able to camp out with the whole family is a great way to spend vacation. Escaping the bustling streets of the city to a fresher air and greener environment is the ultimate adventure. But when you want to spend camping, there are lots of preparations to make and things to purchase. For beginners, buying the complete set of gear and equipment will be very expensive if one does not know what to buy exactly. Grabbing anything that you think that you might need but is not really necessary is easy to add burden to your expenses. Follow these tips to buy camping stuff to save money.

Making a list of what is really necessary for the trip is a must. Itemize the things that you already have and have not. Include everything you might think of even if it feels worthless. Take into account also the very obvious things that you need such as tents, sleeping bag, camping chairs and food. After listing everything down, scratch the things that you really do not need. Prioritize those that are necessary.

Include items that you need for personal use. Like any other vacation, you need to have

Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag For Camping

Sleeping bags are very important for a camper. This is where they can spend the night during their camping period. This is also where they can rest comfortably without being too exposed to the outdoor elements. This can also be a carrying bag when one is traveling. This is like carrying a tent in a bag. It is very convenient, easy to transport and useful. No camper should be without this equipment. However, it is important for a camper to choose the right sleeping tent to purchase. This is to make sure that they will be able to sleep comfortably even while they are in the outdoors. Here are some tips so that you will land on the right decision on which sleeping bag to purchase and use.

First of all, you must consider its weight. Keep in mind that you will be carrying too many stuffs and equipments. And you cannot afford to add more weight to your things. Choose a sleeping bag that is light weight and easy to carry. It should be comfortable and convenient to bring along. Another thing to think about is how much tolerance it can have with different temperatures. Some

5 Tips For Hiking

1. A GOOD MAP STUDY – Start your trip weeks or days prior to hitting the trail. You don’t have to have an exact grid coordinates for where you will camp, but knowing the general area will make the entire trip easier and more comfortable. Buying large general maps and detailed topographic maps of the area will allow you to determine the large general area and then pinpoint the area in which you will hike and camp. These maps will show you which trails you can use, bodies of water, terrain features, elevation lines, etc. Just looking over the map for 15 -20 minutes will help you tremendously. Not knowing your cardinal directions and general land features can turn a causal relaxing hike into a survival situation. Although many people might consider it cheating, a GPS is also a great way to prepare for your trip. A GPS can download topographic maps and do most of the work for you, but don’t rely on them. Every form of technology will eventually fail, and it will probably happen when you need it most.

2. STUDY WEATHER CONDITIONS – I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is. Countless

Tips For Hiking Survival

The proper outdoor clothing is a must.

Do not just start out walking in shorts and a shirt. Be sure the clothes you wear when you hike are of course comfortable but will protect you from the elements.

Proper footwear is of utmost importance. If you are a regular hiker then you are well aware of this. If you are a novice, then check with someone whose knows about hiking gear and follow their advice.

You will want to know how to get back home.

Of course no one starts out on a hike with the intention of getting lost, but getting lost can happen just by taking the wrong trail or making a wrong turn.

Be sure to take along a compass or map or even a GPS device. Just because you think you know where you are does not mean that you are where you suppose.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Better take along a survival knife.

Most people that spend a lot of time trekking about usually have their “survival kit” of items they keep close by or with them at all times.

How To Buy Tents For Camping

A tent is a tent. That’s what most people tend to think. But a good outdoorsman knows how to buy the perfect tents for camping. Not a lot of people realize that there are a lot of things they need to consider when buying tents. As a result, they end up buying tents that don’t suit their purposes at all. Knowing how to buy the most suitable tents for camping can spell the difference between a great weekend outdoors or the worst camping trip ever. When purchasing any kind of outdoor equipment, information is the key. Ask an expert for tips on how to buy tents for camping. If an expert is not available, consider these tips on how to buy the perfect tents for camping.

First things first, always consider your intended use of the tent before buying it. For instance, if you’re expecting fair weather on your camping trip, you might consider using a sturdy tarp as your shelter. But as we all know, the weather is pretty much unpredictable so also think about purchasing a three-season tent. Those varieties can hold-up to minor winter conditions (if you plan to go camping on winter), much

Tips For Buying the Right Backpacks For Hiking

There are a lot of people who love to do outdoor activities. This is their form of relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. One famous recreational activity is hiking. This is a perfect getaway for families and friends. But before engaging in this kind of event, you have to prepare the basic things that you need. And the most essential gear is your backpack.

Choosing the right backpack is quite confusing. If you happen to be new in this excursion, you definitely have a hard time finding the right backpack for you. Hikers usually say, you should buy backpacks not according to how stylish they look. Do not give priority to the color or general coolness of the product. You might end up picking the one you like but it ruined your trip because of the inconvenience it gave you. It must serve the purpose for the activity. There are several well known brands, like coleman backpacks that produce quality gears for outdoor activities.

When you do your canvass, try to evaluate everything and consider the benefits they have. In this manner, you can be able to land on the

Tips For Using Hiking Equipment

The very human trait of wanting to go up and explore, to push the human limits of endurance has led to some fantastic discoveries in the past.

However hiking can be a dangerous sport, and whether one is a professional mountaineer or just a backpacker, one needs special hiking equipment and gear to be able to indulge in this activity. Hiking Equipment and gear consist of special clothing and boots, accessories including walking sticks or hiking poles, several types of packs, and water bottle, first aid kit, and emergency rations. That apart, one could carry whatever one deems necessary- items like hammocks, note-pads, and perhaps a mobile phone.

Getting into specifics of EQUIPMENT, hiking boots are the number one piece of hiking equipment, as it protects your feet from damage. There are all types of hiking boots available. From water proof ones to plain hiking sandals. Choose one in accordance with the degree of difficulty of your climb. A pair of well chosen hiking boots will give you immense joy. Wrongly chosen ones on the other hand can cause immense grief.

A walking stick or the more evolved hiking poles are an immense asset in

Tips For Kids Hiking Boots

Hiking is a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family if you give it a lot of forethought. It is also a great way to help your kids develop a respect and love for nature, encourage them to stay active, and stimulate a creative imagination. We must get our children interested in going outdoors.

Ideally, your children should be fully equipped and properly attired depending on the climate. Most importantly, they should have good fitting kids hiking boots to help prevent tired and sore feet.

The process of choosing great hiking boots will surely get your kids interested in hiking. Hiking is by far, one of the healthiest hobbies in the world today. It’s a great stress reliever and gives you the exercise that you need. Selecting a high quality pair of kids hiking boots is crucial. Just remember the pain and discomfort you had because of a blister caused by ill-fitting boots. We wouldn’t want our kids to bear the same pain, so that’s a good enough incentive to purchase proper hiking boots for them.

There are lots of great brands that offer high quality boots. Columbia offers a wide selection of hiking

Tips for New Campers

Camping is one outdoor recreational activity that needs a lot of planning and preparation, and would also require a visit to a camping store for all your camping needs like hiking tents. Leaving the comforts of home for a night or two to go on an adventure in the “wilds” cannot be that easy especially if you have not tried it before. Sleeping outdoors in the woods or near a river can be a lot exciting and a bit worrying for new campers; but if you know what to expect and were able to prepare for it, then you have nothing to worry about. It is not as if you are really going to some primitive place with lots of wild animals roaming around.

There are five tips that would be useful for new campers.

The first tip has something to do with choosing the place for your first camping trip. There are public and privately owned campgrounds to choose from. Select a place with the right amenities like hot showers, clean restrooms, and potable water source. Knowing that you have access to these facilities would make your camping trip easy and bearable.

The second

Tips For Choosing The Right Hiking Socks

If you think that buying a pair of hiking boots is difficult, then just wait until it comes to getting a suitable pair of hiking socks.

Now socks are socks, right? Well, when it comes to hiking, grabbing any old pair of sports socks out of the drawer simply won’t work. Unfortunately, sports socks are not hiking socks and you don’t want to wear the same socks that you use for jogging or playing football when you head off on a lengthy hike.

Good hiking sock need to be comfortable but they also need to be thick and very hard wearing with terrific thermal and moisture-wicking properties. Remember that, even if you are just hiking modest distances at the weekends, you’ll probably cover getting on for 1,000 miles in a year and you should expect a good pair of hiking socks to last just about that distance.

Most importantly, you want your socks to provide you with comfort for that 1,000 miles. Problems such as chafing, blisters other foot damage can quickly turn a two or three mile hike back to your car into sheer agony if your socks aren’t up to the job.

Tips For Buying The Right Camping Gear

If you want to have fun in the outdoors it is important that you bring along the right outdoor camping gear. Camping trips should be fun and exciting ways to spend time with your significant other, or as a family, not a pain because you didn’t bring along the right equipment. All too often people just don’t plan ahead, and wind up miserable because they are too cold, don’t have enough food, or the tent isn’t big enough for everyone as well as gear. Here are some tips for buying the right gear for whatever kind of camping you plan on doing.

When it comes to planning a successful camping trip, there are some basics you need to think about. Buying the right outdoor camping gear means that you get the right gear for the camping trips you are planning. For an example, if you are a summer camper, and you like to go up into the mountains, you have to be prepared for the weather. It can get cold at night, so the first place to start is buying sleeping bags that are rated for at least 40 degrees, less if you plan to go up

Tips For Buying Camping Supplies At Low Costs

If you are looking for some of the best camping supplies, you will have to visit an online camping supply store. These days, it is very easy to find good online camping supply stores. Such stores are offering camping supplies and accessories at very low rates. Buying camping equipment from online stores is very convenient, as you don’t have to go anywhere.

You can view the variety of camping equipment; select the ones that you need, and then make online payment to buy them. Campers, who have been replacing their camping equipment every year, need to seriously think of getting good quality equipment. Buying branded camping equipment is always a good option, but the cost of this equipment can play a spoilsport.

Online Shopping: Understanding the Advantages

Online camping equipment stores have a variety of branded and unbranded camping equipment, including lightweight cooking equipment, easy-to-set-up camping tents, comfortable sleeping bags, heavy-duty flashlights, durable backpacks, and many more items. When you visit a camping store, your choice is generally influenced by the salesperson at the store. On the other hand, you are the only person doing the purchasing on online camping gear stores and there is

Tips to Buy a Camping Stove

Camping is a great recreational activity that allows you to have fun and adventure besides exploring the nature’s hidden treasures. Camping can rejuvenate your senses and refresh you mind. However, before going on a camping vacation, you will need some equipments or gears, so that your trip becomes easy and comfortable. Well, camping stoves are one of the most important parts of your camping gear, which will enable you to cook food when you are present at the campsite.

The vast selection of camping stoves tagged with technical terms may be scary for some who are not that experienced when it comes to camping and buying camping stoves. However, purchasing the right camping stove may not be very hard if you follow some of these tips.

1.Size and weight are two of the biggest considerations that you need to take before buying a camping stove. Remember that you need to travel light-weight when going for camping as even the slightest weight on your backpack may seem like a ton when you travel uphill. To make your life easier on the hiking trail, you need to buy a camp stove that weighs around 15 ounces which should